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Reminiscing while waiting for the coffee to kick in…

I was scrolling through my blog (I can do that fairly quickly as there aren’t that many posts) and ran across one of my very early posts… and it was kind of an eye opener, ah ha moment, or whatever they call it.  (https://ctabor.wordpress.com/2009/03/29/its-been-a-long-time-baby/)

It struck home because I realized I was still struggling with some of the same issues and situations… Makes me wonder if I’m just totally oblivious to understanding how to address making changes or am in denial about it all.

Anyway, sipping some coffee this morning, trying to wake up, after yet another lousy night’s sleep…. thinking I “should” be on my bike or “should” be doing this or that, and feeling stuck and obviously not doing anything because I’m sitting here writing in my blog instead!  Continue reading



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It always seems when I’m wallowing, I’ll see something like this inspirational little movie…

Lately, I’ve had more than a few days where I struggled not to feel despair or sorry for myself.  And, I’m certain others of you have had your own struggles or challenges.

It always seems when I’m wallowing, I’ll see something like this little movie, or get a peek inside an inspirational little book like “Living a Five Star Life” by Betty Mahalik; great reminders that with the right attitude and persistence, things can always get turned around. And not only for myself, but with some minimal commitment, also very likely for someone else. It takes realizing “less can be more” and remembering that there are many others in more need than I am.

This is one poignant reminder that we do have the power to make changes in our world. I hope you’ll find the same inspiration that I did from this little movie and a take a peek through the book mentioned above.  Enjoy.  http://www.everymondaymovie.com/


And as Ralph Waldo Emerson so aptly stated:  “The ancestor of every action is a thought”.

And another great quote by Langston Hughes:  “Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is a broken winged bird that cannot fly.”

Have a great day and a wonderful Labor Day Weekend!

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For those that replied to my photo request… thank you!

I got some interesting picks from friends and family out of my photos to help me narrow down my choices.

It was SO HARD to pick just two to submit. And the ones I thought I liked best and thought would be the favorites were not what others chose so it was quite interesting what others preferences were.

Here are the two I submitted.  I am not convinced they were my best, but I liked them.  I got so weary trying to figure it out, I just sort of pointed and clicked and those were it!   I have named them “Celestial Flower” and “Ahhhh-Green”.   🙂   Please click to see them larger.

I’ll share some of the winners with you after all the dust settles. Thanks again!



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Ok, you liked my pictures, well hold on to your hat!

OK, starting to have fun with this.  So going to put you through yet another slide show! Hang in there because this slide show is a little long, but there ARE some nice shots in there.

I have not massaged them in Photoshop yet, but there are a few I think I will fiddle with and that have potential as wall art, or at the very least, a screensaver. 🙂

I tend to enjoy textures, light and colors over “birds”, although birds can be exciting to see in the wild. I think you’ll see the definite affiinity I have for landscape or close ups.

TRIP TO TITUSVILLEThe guy and gal in some of the pictures are my most favorite friends, Andrew and Donna.  I was instrumental in “fixing them up” years ago, although the first round fell flat for who knows why. Then, another attempt a year or so later, and vwallah!  They have now been married for at least 4 years I think.  They were my buds when still in Florida but career necessitated a move for them.

So, off they went and moved to Madison, Wisconsin, (brrrrrr) but seem happy there. I miss them terribly and have visited at least 3 times already.

Anyway, the point of  this is that when they came through Florida a few months ago on their way to a cruise departure, I met them on the other coast  of FL for some libation at the beach and then this great little excursion into the gigantic preserve there near Titusville.  We got some great shots that day, but I understand another trip is needed, because the day we were there, duck hunters were scaring away alot of the birds. (well, DUH, I’d stay away if I was a bird, too!)  LOL

Enjoy the slide show and forgive the music, but I thought it kind of fit the mood.  CLICK HERE OR ON THE PICTURE!

🙂  Christine

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2008 Christmas CHAOS… IS really Christmas FUN!!

I realize this is a little dated but am playing with a new video posting tool and thought I’d put these fun little videos up that you might enjoy. Let me know what you thought of my first Flip Mino videos!  🙂


Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Christmas Morning 2008 – BEFORE it all began!

I especially like this video as it tends to capture the quiet and anticipation BEFORE all the Christmas Day Chaos really takes off.  Hope you enjoy!


Vodpod videos no longer available.

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It’s been a long time, baby…

I had a hard time even remembering the name of this blog so I could find it again.  I see I haven’t been here since last November and that is much too long.

But I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to use this blog for and now I think I know.

So, I will use it to just write and share my journey, my thoughts, my tribulations and hopefully my solutions, and you with me. I think it will be good for me, and in the course of it, perhaps it will help someone else.

Times are tough and I’ve certainly gone through some interesting ones over the years.  I thought I had “overcome”, as they say, as I was living well finally, bought my first home by myself and was fixing it up, had a pretty good job, great friends, generally happy (except for the ever present relationship problems)… and then the bottom slowly fell out.  Continue reading


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