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It always seems when I’m wallowing, I’ll see something like this inspirational little movie…

Lately, I’ve had more than a few days where I struggled not to feel despair or sorry for myself.  And, I’m certain others of you have had your own struggles or challenges.

It always seems when I’m wallowing, I’ll see something like this little movie, or get a peek inside an inspirational little book like “Living a Five Star Life” by Betty Mahalik; great reminders that with the right attitude and persistence, things can always get turned around. And not only for myself, but with some minimal commitment, also very likely for someone else. It takes realizing “less can be more” and remembering that there are many others in more need than I am.

This is one poignant reminder that we do have the power to make changes in our world. I hope you’ll find the same inspiration that I did from this little movie and a take a peek through the book mentioned above.  Enjoy.  http://www.everymondaymovie.com/


And as Ralph Waldo Emerson so aptly stated:  “The ancestor of every action is a thought”.

And another great quote by Langston Hughes:  “Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is a broken winged bird that cannot fly.”

Have a great day and a wonderful Labor Day Weekend!


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It’s been a long time, baby…

I had a hard time even remembering the name of this blog so I could find it again.  I see I haven’t been here since last November and that is much too long.

But I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to use this blog for and now I think I know.

So, I will use it to just write and share my journey, my thoughts, my tribulations and hopefully my solutions, and you with me. I think it will be good for me, and in the course of it, perhaps it will help someone else.

Times are tough and I’ve certainly gone through some interesting ones over the years.  I thought I had “overcome”, as they say, as I was living well finally, bought my first home by myself and was fixing it up, had a pretty good job, great friends, generally happy (except for the ever present relationship problems)… and then the bottom slowly fell out.  Continue reading


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