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OK, well isn’t THIS boring!

Hello out there… anyone there?

Sooo, you think that when you set up your blog, you’re just going to be inspired and overflowing with all kinds of rhetoric, or that’s what I assumed.

HA! So, here sits my blog with NOTHING on it. How sad.

I actually want to have a “real” WordPress blog off MY url but I can’t seem to decide which url of the 50 or so I own should be the “chosen one”.  Talk about being paralyzed!  I keep chastising myself with “haven’t you ever heard of the phrase ‘just do it’?”  So just do something!

I have two other old blogs floating around out there on that “other” free blogging site, so feel free to check them out. They actually aren’t bad reading but I don’t think I plan on expanding them anytime soon.

So, if anyone has any suggestions on how to actually “do” something with my blog or how to move ahead and pick a darn niche or subject, I’m all ears.

Yours in blogging,

I forgot to include links to my old blogs just in case you’d like to visit:


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