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I hope this isn’t just another waste of time for me…

I just signed on for Dr. Fuhrman’s “Nutritarian” program… to lose some weight, lower my cholesterol naturally, and also as an aside, hopefully to feel better, have more energy and also more “joy” in life in general.

Of course, the “doc” wants me to take a cholesterol med and even an anti-depressant…. and since we discovered I’m insufficient in Vit. D, I AM taking some massive doses of that right now.  But for the other…  I want to give it my best effort to resolve those issues utilizing more natural means.

We’ll see how it goes… and perhaps I’ll post here with an update every so often.

Feel free to leave a note to cheer me on… I could use a few more folks in my cheering section as I challenge myself with this, in addition to the other challenges that have been going on in my life also.

Thanks for listening… whoever is out there!   🙂


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