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Expose myself — generate motivation?

OK, I’ve been doing the Dr. Fuhrman “nutritarian” thing a couple weeks, but slowly adding back some “non vegetarian” elements, like fish and chicken. I was just too hungry and too tired.  I am discovering I’m not a very good vegetarian but I do find I like more vegetarian dishes than I thought I would.

I’m doing the personal training thing twice a week and still trying to implement a routine on the other days (and feel motivated to accomplish it). The personal training stuff is hard for me. I don’t really enjoy it very much… with my inflexibility, extra weight, and I always feel so sore and creaky afterward. I have to trust that it will start to get easier at some point.

I remember years ago when motivation wasn’t a problem at all. Now it feels like a supreme effort to get out and do that walk or bike ride and feel good about it. Perhaps it’s the effects of “life” bearing down and wearing me out, I don’t know.. afterall, I have gone through many challenging experiences recently and in years past.  Or perhaps it is really a bit of clinical depression, as the doctor has suggested and said I may be in denial about.  I have only entertained filling the RX he gave me a few times.

Who knows…  I argue with myself internally tooth and nail… that I do NOT want to be depressed.  I keep searching for that joy I used to have with my life and feel so guilty I can’t find it… After all, the old saying goes, I do have much to be thankful for… and there are always others much worse off than me.  And there is the “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” philosophy that alot of us grew up with… and with that I chastise myself for feeling blah and sad.

I have to assume it’s always good to dump, huh?  🙂 So, bear with me here.

I DID lose some weight but have so far to go that it overwhelms me and the hopeless feeling overcomes my brief happy thought. I keep fantasizing that I’m going to go into a long sleep and when I wake up I’m going to be 30 or 40 lbs. lighter, fit and healthy, and have lots of joy and energy.  Quite a dream, huh?

OK… time to get onto other tasks. My corporate taxes for 2009 are due next week…yikes! A procrastinator I always am when it comes to that stuff.  So, I’ve put those tasks ahead of my riding today and will take that urban ride through the park later when I’ve gotten those items completed for my accountant.

Another thought I’ve entertained for creating accountability in this weight loss quest… is that maybe I’ll actually expose myself here with a “before” picture, and my goals, and document my successes (and failures)… but with the idea there IS GOING to be an “after” picture that I’ll be proud to put up.  We shall see, huh?

To whoever is reading this… have a wonderful day.


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I hope this isn’t just another waste of time for me…

I just signed on for Dr. Fuhrman’s “Nutritarian” program… to lose some weight, lower my cholesterol naturally, and also as an aside, hopefully to feel better, have more energy and also more “joy” in life in general.

Of course, the “doc” wants me to take a cholesterol med and even an anti-depressant…. and since we discovered I’m insufficient in Vit. D, I AM taking some massive doses of that right now.  But for the other…  I want to give it my best effort to resolve those issues utilizing more natural means.

We’ll see how it goes… and perhaps I’ll post here with an update every so often.

Feel free to leave a note to cheer me on… I could use a few more folks in my cheering section as I challenge myself with this, in addition to the other challenges that have been going on in my life also.

Thanks for listening… whoever is out there!   🙂

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Reminiscing while waiting for the coffee to kick in…

I was scrolling through my blog (I can do that fairly quickly as there aren’t that many posts) and ran across one of my very early posts… and it was kind of an eye opener, ah ha moment, or whatever they call it.  (

It struck home because I realized I was still struggling with some of the same issues and situations… Makes me wonder if I’m just totally oblivious to understanding how to address making changes or am in denial about it all.

Anyway, sipping some coffee this morning, trying to wake up, after yet another lousy night’s sleep…. thinking I “should” be on my bike or “should” be doing this or that, and feeling stuck and obviously not doing anything because I’m sitting here writing in my blog instead!  Continue reading


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It always seems when I’m wallowing, I’ll see something like this inspirational little movie…

Lately, I’ve had more than a few days where I struggled not to feel despair or sorry for myself.  And, I’m certain others of you have had your own struggles or challenges.

It always seems when I’m wallowing, I’ll see something like this little movie, or get a peek inside an inspirational little book like “Living a Five Star Life” by Betty Mahalik; great reminders that with the right attitude and persistence, things can always get turned around. And not only for myself, but with some minimal commitment, also very likely for someone else. It takes realizing “less can be more” and remembering that there are many others in more need than I am.

This is one poignant reminder that we do have the power to make changes in our world. I hope you’ll find the same inspiration that I did from this little movie and a take a peek through the book mentioned above.  Enjoy.


And as Ralph Waldo Emerson so aptly stated:  “The ancestor of every action is a thought”.

And another great quote by Langston Hughes:  “Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is a broken winged bird that cannot fly.”

Have a great day and a wonderful Labor Day Weekend!

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For those that replied to my photo request… thank you!

I got some interesting picks from friends and family out of my photos to help me narrow down my choices.

It was SO HARD to pick just two to submit. And the ones I thought I liked best and thought would be the favorites were not what others chose so it was quite interesting what others preferences were.

Here are the two I submitted.  I am not convinced they were my best, but I liked them.  I got so weary trying to figure it out, I just sort of pointed and clicked and those were it!   I have named them “Celestial Flower” and “Ahhhh-Green”.   🙂   Please click to see them larger.

I’ll share some of the winners with you after all the dust settles. Thanks again!



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Help me pick two! Scott Kelby’s World Photo Walk…

I recently participated in Scott Kelby’s World Photo Walk and had a blast with my photo group… our “Walk” was in Palm Harbor, FL.  I took many many pictures and have actually narrowed them down to these so far. I need help selecting TWO to submit to the World competition. I’m not fooling myself as far as chances to win, but I want to participate.

If you can take a few minutes to watch and review these images, would love to know what two are YOUR favorites!

Need to hear TODAY, July 25th so I can submit before midnight tonight.

These images are a bit small on this page, so to see as a full size slideshow, please CLICK HERE.

Over to the right, you’ll see small icons to enable a slide show or other formats.  Although there may be some images that appear to be duplicates, there are actually slight differences in contrast or color and you may only be able to see these on a full screen view. ALSO, because the file sizes are large, it sometimes pauses to “load” the full, sharp image.

🙂  Look forward to hearing from you!


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It’s all about attitude… Happy 4th of July!

A perfect quote for this weekend — the birthday celebration of our country – a country with a history full of amazing stories of overcoming.

“Life without dreams is no life at all. When our existence gets reduced to a list of problems to solve or things to check off, passion dries up. Imagine a different list, one comprised of projects and activities that are the expression of your heart and soul. Reconnect to what makes you happy. Do you know what that is?”
~Marcia Wieder, author — Dreams are Whispers from the Soul

Typically the news is full of stories to go along with the holiday and no matter what your political position is, in spite of our troubled times, this is still considered one of the best places on earth to live.

When I am leaning towards my own pity pot something (or someone) always seems to presents itself to bring me back to gratitude and inspiration. And that is what happened again today.

This morning’s Today Show featured the story of a crippled and brain injured marine by the name of Keith Zeier. He made a commitment to run/walk 100 miles from Key Largo to Key West to raise funds for the Special Operations Warrior Foundation. Amazingly, he accomplished this in spite of collapsing at 75 miles. It was a wonderful story and great inspiration to me. I found another video and story about it here:

This brings me to another site that always seems to come up with tidbits of wisdom and inspiration and today I happened upon two that really struck home with me. Continue reading


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