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For those that replied to my photo request… thank you!

I got some interesting picks from friends and family out of my photos to help me narrow down my choices.

It was SO HARD to pick just two to submit. And the ones I thought I liked best and thought would be the favorites were not what others chose so it was quite interesting what others preferences were.

Here are the two I submitted.  I am not convinced they were my best, but I liked them.  I got so weary trying to figure it out, I just sort of pointed and clicked and those were it!   I have named them “Celestial Flower” and “Ahhhh-Green”.   🙂   Please click to see them larger.

I’ll share some of the winners with you after all the dust settles. Thanks again!




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Help me pick two! Scott Kelby’s World Photo Walk…

I recently participated in Scott Kelby’s World Photo Walk and had a blast with my photo group… our “Walk” was in Palm Harbor, FL.  I took many many pictures and have actually narrowed them down to these so far. I need help selecting TWO to submit to the World competition. I’m not fooling myself as far as chances to win, but I want to participate.

If you can take a few minutes to watch and review these images, would love to know what two are YOUR favorites!

Need to hear TODAY, July 25th so I can submit before midnight tonight.

These images are a bit small on this page, so to see as a full size slideshow, please CLICK HERE.

Over to the right, you’ll see small icons to enable a slide show or other formats.  Although there may be some images that appear to be duplicates, there are actually slight differences in contrast or color and you may only be able to see these on a full screen view. ALSO, because the file sizes are large, it sometimes pauses to “load” the full, sharp image.

🙂  Look forward to hearing from you!


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It’s all about attitude… Happy 4th of July!

A perfect quote for this weekend — the birthday celebration of our country – a country with a history full of amazing stories of overcoming.

“Life without dreams is no life at all. When our existence gets reduced to a list of problems to solve or things to check off, passion dries up. Imagine a different list, one comprised of projects and activities that are the expression of your heart and soul. Reconnect to what makes you happy. Do you know what that is?”
~Marcia Wieder, author — Dreams are Whispers from the Soul

Typically the news is full of stories to go along with the holiday and no matter what your political position is, in spite of our troubled times, this is still considered one of the best places on earth to live.

When I am leaning towards my own pity pot something (or someone) always seems to presents itself to bring me back to gratitude and inspiration. And that is what happened again today.

This morning’s Today Show featured the story of a crippled and brain injured marine by the name of Keith Zeier. He made a commitment to run/walk 100 miles from Key Largo to Key West to raise funds for the Special Operations Warrior Foundation. Amazingly, he accomplished this in spite of collapsing at 75 miles. It was a wonderful story and great inspiration to me. I found another video and story about it here:

This brings me to another site that always seems to come up with tidbits of wisdom and inspiration and today I happened upon two that really struck home with me. Continue reading


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My first Animoto video – Longwood Gardens, PA – a mini journey

Here’s a short glimpse of the beautiful Longwood Gardens, near West Chester, PA. Enjoy!

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May has been a whirlwind!

I can’t believe I haven’t posted here in over a month.  But then again, May has been a whirlwind!

1st weekend in May, I attended Keith Wellman and Gary Ambrose’s Internet Marketing Seminar in Atlanta. Since that’s business related, won’t get into it here, but it was a really informative and excellent experience!  I hope to be updating my other blog with this info, so if you are so inclined, visit that one soon:

2nd weekend in May, I was catching my breath, trying to get some riding/training in and still catching up from being out of town the weekend before.

3rd weekend in May, I was pedaling my little butt off in the MS150 Ride. Continue reading

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Ok, you liked my pictures, well hold on to your hat!

OK, starting to have fun with this.  So going to put you through yet another slide show! Hang in there because this slide show is a little long, but there ARE some nice shots in there.

I have not massaged them in Photoshop yet, but there are a few I think I will fiddle with and that have potential as wall art, or at the very least, a screensaver. 🙂

I tend to enjoy textures, light and colors over “birds”, although birds can be exciting to see in the wild. I think you’ll see the definite affiinity I have for landscape or close ups.

TRIP TO TITUSVILLEThe guy and gal in some of the pictures are my most favorite friends, Andrew and Donna.  I was instrumental in “fixing them up” years ago, although the first round fell flat for who knows why. Then, another attempt a year or so later, and vwallah!  They have now been married for at least 4 years I think.  They were my buds when still in Florida but career necessitated a move for them.

So, off they went and moved to Madison, Wisconsin, (brrrrrr) but seem happy there. I miss them terribly and have visited at least 3 times already.

Anyway, the point of  this is that when they came through Florida a few months ago on their way to a cruise departure, I met them on the other coast  of FL for some libation at the beach and then this great little excursion into the gigantic preserve there near Titusville.  We got some great shots that day, but I understand another trip is needed, because the day we were there, duck hunters were scaring away alot of the birds. (well, DUH, I’d stay away if I was a bird, too!)  LOL

Enjoy the slide show and forgive the music, but I thought it kind of fit the mood.  CLICK HERE OR ON THE PICTURE!

🙂  Christine

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A need to rejuvenate… it worked!

Well thought I’d better get up to date since it’s a long time since Christmas!

I felt like I needed a bit rejuvenating today, so off I went with my camera to nearby Honeymoon Island, FL  for a bit of “getting back to nature” and just getting in touch with myself again.  Photos are “as is” — nothing adjusted in photoshop but overall, they don’t look half bad and I certainly enjoyed my 3+ mile wandering on the island.

Honeymoon Island TrekIt was a beautiful breezy day… about 80 degrees.

I got to see (from a distance) a protected bald eagle’s nest, get swooped by and listened to the screeching calls of a multitude of ospreys and extremely surprised by the large rattlesnake crossing the path in front of me… all caught on film!

I hope you’ll enjoy this taste of Florida as much as I did today.

Pictures I captured on a trip to Titusville, FL on the Atlantic coast were much more spectacular. I’ll post a link to those soon.  Thanks for letting me share.

CLICK HERE or on the picture… Enjoy!

Christine  🙂


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