Reminiscing while waiting for the coffee to kick in…

I was scrolling through my blog (I can do that fairly quickly as there aren’t that many posts) and ran across one of my very early posts… and it was kind of an eye opener, ah ha moment, or whatever they call it.  (

It struck home because I realized I was still struggling with some of the same issues and situations… Makes me wonder if I’m just totally oblivious to understanding how to address making changes or am in denial about it all.

Anyway, sipping some coffee this morning, trying to wake up, after yet another lousy night’s sleep…. thinking I “should” be on my bike or “should” be doing this or that, and feeling stuck and obviously not doing anything because I’m sitting here writing in my blog instead! 

I wonder if some of my fog, going in too many directions (multi tasking is actually NOT very productive, its been shown), poor sleep, can’t lose weight, food cravings, etc. is related in part to my hormones and off balance thyroid?  Or maybe that’s a cop out.  Not sure.  I do know my recent blood work was pretty whacked out, so this time I’ll follow my family doc’s direction and see what happens.  I tend to buck that system also (have always been a rebel, I guess)  but can’t afford to see an alternative med doc, which is what I prefer.

Anyway… I think I WILL take an hour for some rejuvenation, either on the bike or a walk. Or maybe I should go shoot some pictures or something. The problem is that then I feel guilty for doing so.

If anyone has suggestions on how they overcome the guilt thing, would love to hear them!  I’ll report back here on whether I really did what I said!  LOL

Happy Friday!




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4 responses to “Reminiscing while waiting for the coffee to kick in…

  1. Christine:

    I too have struggled w/thyroid issues and symptoms. It is frustrating. Try doing what the doc says and give it a little time…everything will start to improve.

    As for going in too many directions…that can be a problem. Try making a list of those things that you are trying to accomplish. Put them in order of the things that are the most important to you or the things of highest importance to getting done. Then one by one, start crossing them off of the list.

    By doing this, you will not only get the items done; but, you will start to feel a sense of accomplishment. It will be efficient because the things that “really” need doing will always be at the top of the list.

    Don’t let things or other people’s expectations for you and your time cloud the issue and take up your time. Learn to set boundaries with others and not feel guilty about it. You are no good to yourself or to others if you spend all of your time spinning your wheels getting nowhere fast, only to feel guilty about it later. “NO” is not a four letter word! LOL it is okay to take time for yourself and let it fill your heart with joy.

    Joy is like a shot of adrenaline! You need regular doses of it to keep plugging away with efficiency. Part of not getting distracted and discouraged is realizing what you can and cannot control in life. Learn when to try to steer the course and when to let the river guide you where you need to be. Here is a post I wrote on it not too long ago. I hope you enjoy. God bless you!

    • Lorraine,
      Thanks for the thoughtful answer and good advice.
      One thing I’m trying to put into practice, besides a list, is to actually make a schedule for myself, but still allowing some flexibility for unexpected occurrences.
      It’s really helping me realize that sometimes I underestimate time needed for something (so, if it’s a job, I underbid it) and also helps me learn how to prioritize better.

      The hardest thing for me right now, however, is narrowing my focus and making some better decisions with my time in order to select which things I should stick to and finish things that will actually generate some passive income for me… so I can also continue to do the custom work I enjoy, but yet that I can’t do enough of to earn what I need.

      I’ll stick to the doctor’s advice for now. I am going to have to confess to him that I was adjusting my RX myself and that could have been what skewed the tests, but that remains to be seen.
      The dose he wants me on right now just seems way too low… but he is reacting to the test result, not knowing, and assuming it is based on the dose he prescribed originally. Yikes… bad girl, huh?

      Well, I DID go out for an easy 20 mile ride yesterday, and my mood was markedly better the rest of the day.
      I’m still having issues with getting a good night’s sleep, but hopefully that will resolve itself sooner than later.
      I did a brisk, 50 mile ride this morning — surprising myself at how well I hung in on the majority of the ride. Although the last 5 miles home when I was riding alone felt like torture, I was so pooped!
      I think the couch is calling me for a nap this afternoon! 🙂

      Thanks again… I’m heading over to your blog now to read your post!
      Have a wonderful day, and thank you!

  2. Guilt, Schmilt, Christine!

    If you do not meet your own NEEDS you will never meet your goals.

    Do you not BELIEVE that you DESERVE to meet your needs?

    You are a very special someone. If you pretended you were your own friend/sister/cousin would you still make ‘Christine’ feel guilty? I’m thinking you would not because the Christine I know and love is sensitive and caring and concerned for the feelings of others.

    You are ENTITLED to take an hour for yourself. Every day. YOU DESERVE IT.

    Christine, you DESERVE whatEVER it is you desire! When you believe that, you will see it.

    Trust me, darlin’. I’m old (33) and I’ve learned this! And I learned it the hard way. You will, too.

    Christine, I love you a special much.

    Mother Connie

    • Thanks for the kick in the pants, Connie… ok, YES, I deserve an hour for myself. Now I just have to FIND it! LOL

      Wait, you are only 33? Now I really feel ancient!
      Thanks again… love ya’, sister.


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