Help me pick two! Scott Kelby’s World Photo Walk…

I recently participated in Scott Kelby’s World Photo Walk and had a blast with my photo group… our “Walk” was in Palm Harbor, FL.  I took many many pictures and have actually narrowed them down to these so far. I need help selecting TWO to submit to the World competition. I’m not fooling myself as far as chances to win, but I want to participate.

If you can take a few minutes to watch and review these images, would love to know what two are YOUR favorites!

Need to hear TODAY, July 25th so I can submit before midnight tonight.

These images are a bit small on this page, so to see as a full size slideshow, please CLICK HERE.

Over to the right, you’ll see small icons to enable a slide show or other formats.  Although there may be some images that appear to be duplicates, there are actually slight differences in contrast or color and you may only be able to see these on a full screen view. ALSO, because the file sizes are large, it sometimes pauses to “load” the full, sharp image.

🙂  Look forward to hearing from you!



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2 responses to “Help me pick two! Scott Kelby’s World Photo Walk…

  1. Christine all those pictures are world class as far as I am concerned. It was hard to pick they are all beautiful. You have an eye for that. Wow.

    Ok, enough I had to go thru it a couple times but the ones I like the most is the second one 5947 with the red butterfly in it and the second one of the leaves that had been eaten partially away by the bugs 5984.

    Great work!

    I hope that helps.


    • Thanks for your feedback, Renita!
      I had others email me and the two you picked were also liked by a couple others.
      Funny, but the ones “I” would pick out of the whole lot weren’t necessarily the ones that folks sent in. We all have different tastes, for sure!

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