May has been a whirlwind!

I can’t believe I haven’t posted here in over a month.  But then again, May has been a whirlwind!

1st weekend in May, I attended Keith Wellman and Gary Ambrose’s Internet Marketing Seminar in Atlanta. Since that’s business related, won’t get into it here, but it was a really informative and excellent experience!  I hope to be updating my other blog with this info, so if you are so inclined, visit that one soon:

2nd weekend in May, I was catching my breath, trying to get some riding/training in and still catching up from being out of town the weekend before.

3rd weekend in May, I was pedaling my little butt off in the MS150 Ride. Out of shape this year for sure, but I still completed 75 miles on Saturday and 50 on Sunday, enjoying the company, the hills, the heat and the wind.  Our Suncoast Cycling / Chainwheel Drive team had 44 members, aged 10 to “old”, with one member with MS who completed the ride with us.  Our team also raised over $31,000 and was in the top 5 fundraising teams out of the 2,000 riders at the event. I think our team had to rank as one of the teams with the most team spirit and we always seem to be noticed among the other riders as being courteous and helpful. I was really proud to be a part of it.

Hanging out with son, Derek, in West Chester, PA

Hanging out with son, Derek, in West Chester, PA

4th weekend in May, flew off to West Chester, PA to visit my son — who moved there last fall. The plane ticket being a Mother’s Day Gift and MUCH appreciated since finances are tight.  I had a most wonderful time… great weather, and gorgeous area…. with lots of time spent touring the countryside in his convertible Miata.  We enjoyed places like Valley Forge,  Longwood Gardens, a covered bridge tour we created and of course a trip to Victory Brewing for local beer and eats and also a trip for the infamous Cheesesteak!  We also enjoyed walking  downtown from his apartment and enjoying the eateries on the main drag and the farmer’s market one morning. All in all, a truly nice visit!  Watch for some exceptional photos and video soon!

5th weekend in May, now I’m really trying to catch up! However, I did manage to get a 50 mile ride in on Saturday and a leisurely 30 miler in on Sunday with a coffee stop 1/2 way.  I also made the 170 mile round trip to see mom, who took a spill on the golf course 2 weeks ago and did quite a number on her ankle. She’s awaiting surgery in a rehab nearby as they cannot operate until the swelling subsides. She is hoping this will happen this week or very soon as it’s getting a bit boring there for her and she’s anxious to get on the mend. She had to cancel her trip to Michigan and to her grandaughter, Stephanie’s college graduation, so that was a disappointment all the way around. For fun, we created a little video message to Steph and I’ve posted it here for your enjoyment. I guess mom won’t see it until she gets home since there is no computer at the rehab center for her.  CHECK OUT THE VIDEO HERE:

SO, anyway, got lots to keep me busy, both personal and work-wise, but wanted to get caught up here a little.  Thanks for visiting — I hope I’ll see some posts from some of you. Have a wonderful day!


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