Ok, you liked my pictures, well hold on to your hat!

OK, starting to have fun with this.  So going to put you through yet another slide show! Hang in there because this slide show is a little long, but there ARE some nice shots in there.

I have not massaged them in Photoshop yet, but there are a few I think I will fiddle with and that have potential as wall art, or at the very least, a screensaver. 🙂

I tend to enjoy textures, light and colors over “birds”, although birds can be exciting to see in the wild. I think you’ll see the definite affiinity I have for landscape or close ups.

TRIP TO TITUSVILLEThe guy and gal in some of the pictures are my most favorite friends, Andrew and Donna.  I was instrumental in “fixing them up” years ago, although the first round fell flat for who knows why. Then, another attempt a year or so later, and vwallah!  They have now been married for at least 4 years I think.  They were my buds when still in Florida but career necessitated a move for them.

So, off they went and moved to Madison, Wisconsin, (brrrrrr) but seem happy there. I miss them terribly and have visited at least 3 times already.

Anyway, the point of  this is that when they came through Florida a few months ago on their way to a cruise departure, I met them on the other coast  of FL for some libation at the beach and then this great little excursion into the gigantic preserve there near Titusville.  We got some great shots that day, but I understand another trip is needed, because the day we were there, duck hunters were scaring away alot of the birds. (well, DUH, I’d stay away if I was a bird, too!)  LOL

Enjoy the slide show and forgive the music, but I thought it kind of fit the mood.  CLICK HERE OR ON THE PICTURE!

🙂  Christine


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