A need to rejuvenate… it worked!

Well thought I’d better get up to date since it’s a long time since Christmas!

I felt like I needed a bit rejuvenating today, so off I went with my camera to nearby Honeymoon Island, FL  for a bit of “getting back to nature” and just getting in touch with myself again.  Photos are “as is” — nothing adjusted in photoshop but overall, they don’t look half bad and I certainly enjoyed my 3+ mile wandering on the island.

Honeymoon Island TrekIt was a beautiful breezy day… about 80 degrees.

I got to see (from a distance) a protected bald eagle’s nest, get swooped by and listened to the screeching calls of a multitude of ospreys and extremely surprised by the large rattlesnake crossing the path in front of me… all caught on film!

I hope you’ll enjoy this taste of Florida as much as I did today.

Pictures I captured on a trip to Titusville, FL on the Atlantic coast were much more spectacular. I’ll post a link to those soon.  Thanks for letting me share.

CLICK HERE or on the picture… Enjoy!

Christine  🙂



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4 responses to “A need to rejuvenate… it worked!

  1. Richard

    Nice shots of the island, flora and fauna. I love it out there. That rattler is a Beast! He’d have hurt you big time had you stepped on his back.

    Did you see any gopher torts near the prickly pear? There are several burrows near there.

  2. Al

    Beautiful pics! 80deg? Love that. Wish we could see that here in the NE soon! Enjoy…

  3. Christine, what beautiful pictures.

    You are a very talented woman with a camera and making websites what other secrets do you have?

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful day of R&R.


  4. Rattlesnakes? Oh, boy. I found out we have garter snakes here and I’m thinking of moving out…

    Let’s see. You write, you ride, you do photography and graphic arts. You are a business woman, an entrepreneur. You are cuter than anybody and now we are treated to your camera “tricks”. WOW. Can you say, “Girl Genius?”

    I’m thinking you are one fabulously talented dudette! So proud to have you in my circle!


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