It’s been a long time, baby…

I had a hard time even remembering the name of this blog so I could find it again.  I see I haven’t been here since last November and that is much too long.

But I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to use this blog for and now I think I know.

So, I will use it to just write and share my journey, my thoughts, my tribulations and hopefully my solutions, and you with me. I think it will be good for me, and in the course of it, perhaps it will help someone else.

Times are tough and I’ve certainly gone through some interesting ones over the years.  I thought I had “overcome”, as they say, as I was living well finally, bought my first home by myself and was fixing it up, had a pretty good job, great friends, generally happy (except for the ever present relationship problems)… and then the bottom slowly fell out. 

It didn’t happen overnight as it has for others, but a slow eroding over the last year or so. Perhaps I didn’t WANT to see it, to acknowledge it. I kept putting on that happy face and anticipating “tomorrow would be better”.

Well, here I am a year or so later and facing possible foreclosure with no credit available and yet still putting in 12-16 hour days trying to make things work.  I’m obviously doing something wrong.

Time for re-assessment and more focused direction.

Time to stay on task instead of going 10 different directions.

And the relationship stuff?  Well, guess that has to wait.  I seem to have a broken picker anyway as I repeat one bad or unfilling relationship after another, so until I get that figured out, its best to put that on hold. Hopefully I’ll figure it out before I get too old.  I would still like to share my life, hopes, dreams and yes, hobbies and passions, with someone that can reciprocate same.  But maybe it’s not to be.

I’m also hoping that by writing some of my “story” down somewhere might be a healing process and also be helpful in narrowing my direction. So, whether it be here or perhaps a journal or even a book — by writing and/or sharing a little bit each day or every few days, things will start to become clearer and perhaps right themselves.

I also plan on connecting more with my friends that give me positive feedback and avoid those that don’t.We’ve all heard that advice before, but I wonder how many of us put it into action?

So for any of you that “find my blog”… feel free to leave a comment or two. I’ve been feeling a little lonely these days.  And if anything I share ever touches you, helps you in some way, that would give ME such encouragement, so please let me know if that is the case.

I’ve been sick this week, and trying to make myself “take it easy” and rest a bit… sometimes a hard thing for me to do. I have so much head chatter that reprimands me if I get off task, become forgetful, sit too much, woulda coulda shoulda…. you know the drill.  🙂

Warmest thoughts… Have a wonderful day!




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4 responses to “It’s been a long time, baby…

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  2. Christine:
    Thank you so much for opening up and sharing. You are a beautiful soul…one well worth knowing. I very much enjoy the bubbly laughter that I have recently heard bubbling up from the depths of your soul. I know that there are things that have been weighing you down…Satan has thrown you a truckload of difficulties over time…I trust that if you are to move and begin anew…that it is only because God has a lightening of the load in mind for you.

    I do think this is a wonderful idea for you to use this blog as a journal of sorts to help you to sift through the things in life that get in your way…to celebrate the high notes…and to connect with others in a way that maybe you haven’t felt free enough to do before.

    There is a special someone out there for you….but I think you are wise to give it some time and process exactly what you said above…look for common denominators from the past that have caused you problems in those relationships. Look for the good things from those relationships and try your best to look for those things with like minded values and interests. You are such a smart woman and a joy to know!

    Geographically, it isn’t as if we are just around the corner…but, always know…all you have to do is “shout out” and if you send your number…any number of us masterminders would “be there” in a heartbeat. (As for me… it doesn’t matter day or night call if you need to- I consider it joy to listen and talk when needed).

    We all have those moments in life when it feels like the walls are closing in…take advantage of the willingness of those who care deeply for you and your success in life…both professional and personal.

    May God richly pour out his blessings on you now and forever…tell him what you want and need….(he already knows-but he wants us to come to him with a willing heart-one that is ready to receive). You are not alone…each one of us masterminders is here, God is right beside you, and there are others that he will send your way when the time is right!

  3. You are a dear, “Mother Connie” and be assured I did feel your hug through cyber space. Thanks so much!

  4. Christine,
    I’m sorry you’ve been in a funk lately and it breaks my heart that you feel lonely. We all love you JUST the way YOU ARE. You are DELIGHTFUL.
    Mothers are notorious for advice, so Mother Connie has this advice (free advice is only worth what it costs the receiver-grin/wink)
    Just BE.
    Allow yourself the luxury of time alone, thinking, giving thanks, letting creativity and joy come to you. Plug yourself into some music you enjoy, ride your bike in the wind, scream in the shower. Make sure you are drinking lots of water, eating good foods-make your body a ‘no junk allowed’ zone and be sure to laugh! You are encouraged to laugh at yourself.
    Christine, you have to know that I love you a special much. You are dear to my heart. You have my phone number; don’t be afraid to call ANYtime.
    Mother Connie

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