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I thought I’d drop in…

I’ve actually been working on two other blogs and I plan to launch another one soon, but I’ll make sure every one knows where they are.

The first one is and the second is at blogger and is called almost the same — I’m still gathering some great content from lots of sources and working on adding unique cycling gifts and items to my store, so be sure to check out the first link again soon.

My other blog will document my travels through the internet marketing world and share with you my trials and tribulations in an effort to help you avoid some of the same pitfalls I fell into (and monies I spent). I haven’t selected a name for it yet, but again, will announce soon. If you have domain ideas, I’m all ears!

In the meantime, I CAN recommend this comprehensive eBook, as it covers what you need to know to get started and beyond, and is written in terms most anyone can understand… even a newbie! And the good news is that it’s only $27!

There’s another site I ran across that a buddy is working on, and for you home theater buffs, this is a site worth checking out.  As soon as I make my next big check, I plan on getting myself a fancy new HD tv and home theater, so will definitely be checking this site out regularly. Be sure to visit and bookmark to visit again in the future: FUN HOME THEATER

I love sharing my finds…. so ENJOY and have a great day!



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